Sick to Death of the Silence: Stories to Breakdown the Stigma of Mental Illness: Part 1

In November 2008 Kirsty was first concerned there may be something wrong when her husband, Chris, was not responding to texts and calls; a guy who she says ''was always hooked to his cell phone''. At first the texts were intermitten asking 'how was your day?' and got increasingly more frequent the longer she went without receiving a reply and calls went unanswered. The texts turned into ''are you OK?'', ''are you sick?'', ''where are you?'' with a degree of panic only a police spouse can understand. Knowing at that time of day Chris had said he would go home on shift to feed their 2 dogs Kirsty headed home from her job at the 911 Commuicatons Center to what she imagined would be a sick husband, leaning over the toilet, too sick to answer his phone.

Kirsty describes opening the garage door and seeing one of their dogs laying motionless on the cement floor beside Chris' vehicle. ''Chris must be sick at home because there is his vehicle parked inside the garage... but why isn't the dog getting up?'' she thinks. She proceeds to walk into the garage where she finds her husband lifeless on the ground along with their 2 dogs and cat, all deceased. Chris has taken his own life, leaving only a vague note to indicate why he had done so. Kirsty explains she went into shock saying ''I was trying to convince myself I'm not witnessing what I am witnessing''.