Board of Directors 

Tara Ernst 

President, Calgary Beyond the Blue

Tara Ernst, President of Calgary Beyond The Blue, joined the ‘thin blue line family’ in 2008. Tara and her husband, Graham, benefitted from pre-marriage counseling offered through the Calgary Police Service Chaplains and says it was then that they committed to making it through this police life, thriving together. Tara recognized that the success of their marriage, through the challenges of policing, was going to be largely determined by their attitude, and ensuring they had the tools and knowledge to navigate this unique lifestyle. Tara homeschools their 3 beautiful children from their Calgary home. Tara was an integral part of the team who founded Calgary Beyond The Blue in 2014, recognizing the need for shared connection, resources for police families and a way to bridge the gap that is between our officers and their families.  Tara is passionate about her work with BTB, leading its peer support team and a police spouse bible study group. Tara said, “It is my hope that no spouse feels alone in this journey and to know they are part of a bigger, greater family.” 

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Jessica M. 

Jessica has been a part of the policing family since September of 2011 and joined Calgary Beyond the Blue’s Board of Directors in October of 2016. She is a student as well as a stay-at-home mom to two busy boys. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and met her husband in Grade 7 although they didn’t become a couple until Grade 12. Her self care activities include sewing, knitting, camping and organization. In relation to being a law enforcement spouse she says “As close as I am with my family, they still do not fully understand the uniqueness of my partner’s career. The BTB community has linked me with amazing, supportive people that help to normalize my situation. I like being a part of that and also helping other people feel connected and “normal” too.”

Christina H.

Christina has been part of the policing family since April of 2010. She joined Calgary Beyond the Blue Board of Directors in May 2019. Christina says " In the business world I was a Human Resources Advisor; my current 24/7 gig is now managing the daily affairs and personal assistance of my 3 young boys." She loves all things outdoors, from gardening and camping in the summer to chillier adventures of snowshoeing and skiing in the winter. Chances are if it’s outside she's willing to try it and will probably love it. Christina wants members to know "Being part of Beyond the Blue has been a very rewarding experience. Knowing that the end result is ultimately working to build healthy members which thereby creates a stronger community network not only for our blue families, but also the positive impact that we have on our world as a whole, for me, that’s the motivation behind it all".

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Jordana Sopkow

Jordana has been a part of the CPS blue family since her husband joined in September of 2011. Jordana has been a director since February 2020. Her occupations include Guest Teach for Calgary Catholic and stay at home mum to "2 perfect boys (Just kidding, they are wild animals)." Jordana loves connecting people. She says "I want to make this life as easy as I possibly can for other families. I struggled coming to terms with being a police spouse in the beginning and I hate to see others struggle the way I did. If I can ease any fear or curb any loneliness for others so they do not have to face their feelings alone, then I will happily do so; making connections and introducing spouses into the community wherever and whenever I can. I am also a member of the spouses bible study group and don’t know where I would be without that group of women as well as the spouses I have met through BTB functions. It is so incredible to have a group of friends who fully understand your way of life, who you can draw on for help, advice, and where to get the best deals in town. No one was meant to journey alone and the BTB community makes sure that you don’t have to.  I have met some of my best and closest friends on this journey and my children have also made some amazing little friends. We truly are a blue family and I am so thankful for everyone I get to share in this life with".


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