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Christmas Cheer with Seniors

The morning of December 11, 2017 proved to be a special one for residents at Silvera for Seniors in Bridgeland when CPS Christian Spouses: Called to Serve and Support, attended with their children and CPS Member spouses to spread some Christmas cheer. The group arrived with cookies and ornaments which they decorated with the residents of Silvera that wished to participate in the festivities. For those residents who were happier to watch the excitement unfold, the children lovingly delivered their cookie and ornament creations to those residents with a heartfelt, "Merry Christmas!" Many cookies were eaten and stories shared as our children made their way around to visit each resident and bestow their Christmas greetings.

CPS Christian Spouses: Called to Serve and Support look forward to increasing their service in the New Year.

If you would like more information about the group you can contact Tara at:

-Jordana Sopkow

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