Why Peer Support?

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” Brene Brown

Police families know what the thin blue line means. It stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers make each day on the job. But we, as spouses/families are also a part of that thin blue line. We make sacrifices every day and feel the heartaches and challenges that come when our officers are on duty. Whether you are a brand new police family or a veteran police family of 15+ years, you know how challenging this career can be to balance a family life. Being a police family comes with a unique set of circumstances, most of which, our friends and family can’t even understand, even if they try. There are missed family events, birthdays, holidays and if we are not careful, our world can become isolated and resentful.

I truly believe that how we approach this police life, will determine our success and the fun that we can have within it. But I don’t think we can do it alone, and that is where the importance of connection comes in. Connecting with people that understand the uniqueness this career can bring is vital to our ability to cope with the challenges within it. For example, on our Beyond the Blue Facebook page (which we use a security protocol that ensures it is safe and 100% confidential for our police families), we quite often see posts of spouses that have cooked a beautiful dinner, only to get the phone call, “Sorry, I’m going to be late”. Or the mom’s on Mother’s Day unable to celebrate or be honored by their officer, but in turn find another police spouse dealing with the same thing and get together. We have events that bring mom’s together with young children. We have a Critical Incident Support group. We have a book club and educational events. W